Mercer Partners


Mercer Partners is a real estate advisory and owner’s representative firm that serves clients as an outsourced partner in the Multi-Family, Hospitality, Industrial and Commercial markets.  We provide portfolio strategy, real estate development, and project management services to help our clients optimize their real estate opportunities, investments, design, construction and relocation projects.

Our management team has over 100 years of combined development, construction and owner’s representation experience.  Mercer’s combined experience has implemented $1.3 billion worth of development and construction projects and $20 billion in consulting and brokerage assignments.

In planning, design, permitting and construction, any one of many details can delay a project, which can be costly.  As your owner’s representative, we protect your best interests and do the work that allows your staff to be focused on their core tasks.  Working as an extension of your staff, we assist owners and stakeholders from the strategic and conceptual phase of a project through team development, permitting, design, construction and occupancy.  We facilitate communication, coordination, decision-making, and drive the process to develop a clear direction, budget and schedule that guides your project.  More than project managers, we act as an extension of ownership.

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Our Development and Owners Representation Experience Includes:

  • Asset management
  • Acquisitions: Underwriting, site identification, due diligence
  • A/E selection
  • Environmental cleanup
  • Transactions: Brokerage, contracts
  • Financial pro forma analysis
  • Planning and zoning, permitting, and expediter selection
  • Project planning and design
  • Pre-construction phase
  • Construction phase
  • LEED certification and commissioning
  • Punch list, closeout, and turnover
  • Sales and marketing, offering plan

Our Construction Management Experience Includes:

  • Contractor selection and contract negotiation
  • Bid packages and scopes of work
  • Team organization to build faster and better
  • Payment requisition analysis and approval
  • Change order evaluation and approval
  • Cost and schedule monitoring
  • Assessment of union vs. non-union contractors
  • Accelerate request for information process
  • Accelerate submittal approval process
  • Manage and accelerate punch list completion
  • Ensure adherence to site safety protocols 

Depending on the needs and in-house capacity of the owner, our services include:

Project Planning and Design Phase:

  • Coordinate initial site evaluation activities
  • Design assist
  • Establish overall project schedule, including milestones for design, construction, marketing and finance, and continually monitor schedule
  • Provide financial analysis, including hard and soft cost models
  • Assist in design team selection, RFP, comparative bid analyses, and negotiate design professional contracts
  • Manage design process and project design meetings
  • Manage filing and permitting activities on behalf of the owner

Pre-Construction Phase:

  • Prepare RFP for construction manager and evaluate proposals and proposed costs
  • Negotiate construction management contract
  • Initiate and manage value engineering process
  • Finalize construction management budget, schedule and GMP
  • Coordinate all documentation required by lenders
  • Scrutinize milestones in construction schedules
  • Assist in subcontractor selection and procurement
  • Conduct scope reviews and bid recommendation letters
  • Set protocol for document distribution and submittal review

Construction Phase:

  • Conduct regular job meetings and provide progress reports
  • Facilitate communication of design and construction teams
  • Review and approve monthly payment applications from contractor, subcontractors and design professionals
  • Stay ahead of managing cost and schedule
  • Manage change order process and approval
  • Keep costs in line with project pro forma
  • Make frequent site visits and monitor schedule and quality control
  • Maintain records of all project documents
  • Manage disputes to avoid claims and delays

Punch List, Closeout and Turnover:

  • Ensure final project closeout documents and warranties are received
  • Assist in commissioning of mechanical systems, start-up, testing, turnover and acceptance
  • Ensure LEED certification, if applicable, is complete
  • Ensure quality criteria has been met, along with issuance and completion of punch lists
  • Act as liaison with end-user tenant or owners
  • Confirm final issuance of Certificate of Occupancy and final sign-off from all regulatory authorities

Property Management:

  • Source, pay and supervise all personnel for all services
  • Tenant relations
  • Supervision of maintenance, repair and replacement of common areas
  • Determining and setting common charges
  • Supervision of capital improvement projects
  • Insurance management
  • Security services
  • Maintenance and service agreements
  • Building management systems
  • Accounts Receivable/Payable services
  • Monthly financials
  • Monthly property operations reports

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